Pacha Barcelona

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Monday – Sunday 

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Pacha Barcelona – VIP Terrace Table – Maximum 5 people | €200 Minimum Spend (€40 per person)

Pacha Barcelona – VIP Club Table – Maximum 5 people | 
€500 Minimum Spend (€100 per person)

(Minimum spend can be used for purchase of beverages)

Pacha Barcelona – Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday 8pm – 5am
Friday – Sunday 8pm – 6am

Pacha Club Barcelona, Passeig maritim de la Barceloneta, 38, 08003, Barcelona, Spain

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Pacha is located in prime position on the Barcelona Broadwalk, this world famous nightlife brand has firmly established itself amongst the top 3 clubs in the city of Barcelona. With its relaxed and fun atmosphere Pacha’s addictive energy extends through the whole club, keeping all party goers engaged. Pacha has a large central dance floor overlooked by the VIP area, Pacha is still a firm favourite with locals and international clients.

Experience the amazing nightlife of Pacha Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most happening cities and no other place is more distinctive in the variety of nightlife activities available in the city. Tourists come to this city of wonderful beaches to explore modern development, sealing activity, and attractions in different corners of the city. There is always something for everybody in Barcelona and the nightlife is what attracts visitors from all corners of the world. Nightlife in Barcelona typically begins in a bar, unlike other places where it usually begins in a restaurant.

Pacha barcelona is probably one of the most well-known clubs in the world. They have several locations across the world but it started its journey in Spain. Pacha Barcelona is an exclusive venue with excellent events and artists. The club is popular for hosting parties and events regularly. The place is widely known for its parties and music events. Over the years pacha club barcelona has become the epitome of nightlife. The music choice at the club mainly includes electronic genres but they also play hip hop and other music to keep the audience grooving. The club is decorated with modern style furniture that has clear influences from Ibiza.

Besides the partying, at pacha barcelona, the visitor also gets to enjoy delicious food at the restaurant located in the same building. It has an extensive menu of delicious foods and drinks that is a major attraction for everyone.

Pacha Barcelona turns into an incredible nightclub as the sun goes down. The ambiance and energy at the club are something one must experience once in their lifetime. Pacha does its best to offer visitors an unforgettable nightlife experience in Barcelona. The terrace is the best place for spending those long summer nights with friends.

Excellent Ambience and Good Music

The location of pacha club barcelona lends it an excellent tropical vibe. It is among the top clubs in the villa Olympiad district of Barcelona. The district in itself is full of history and unique experiences. As a result, it is a popular spot among locals as well as tourists.

Pacha Gives an Excellent Night out Experience

The location of the bar is close to shops restaurants and historical landmarks that also include an Olympic stadium. It was the venue of the 1992 Summer games. The best part is Pacha Barcelona enjoys excellent connectivity by public transport. Visitors can reach the closest subway stop with a five-minute walk. The club has a standard dress code for which the club asks its guests to come in a smart and elegant outfit.

One of the most popular nightclubs in the world is located in a prime location alongside the Barcelona Broadwalk. Over the years Pacha Barcelona has managed to rank itself among the best nightlife brands in the world. At present, it is ranked among the top 3 clubs in Barcelona. Visitors enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere alongside Pacha’s addictive energy that can be felt throughout the club. They make sure to keep the party goers in the groove all the time. pacha barcelona is famous for having the largest Central dance floor overlooking the VIP area. It continues to be the favorite among international tourists and locals.

Post-Covid there have been strict restrictions across the city of Barcelona. Pacha remains open till 12:30 a.m. VIP Barcelona is a dedicated platform to help resistors find the best locations, brothers, and sisters in and around Barcelona. We help tourists and locals to check the availability status of clubs and bars from the comfort of their homes. WhatsApp us to check availability table bookings and other information on pacha club barcelona.